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Public Speaking

Nick Pope is an experienced public speaker who makes regular appearances at conferences and has lectured and debated extensively. Examples include:

The Science Museum

Took part in a debate and undertook other promotional events to mark the launch of a Science Museum exhibition called The Science of Aliens.

Undertook lectures and debates at the Science Museum's new Dana Centre venue, the mission of which is "sexing up science".

The Oxford Union

Debated at the Oxford Union, arguably one of the world's most famous debating societies. The motion was "This House believes that we are not alone". The motion was carried by 290 votes to 191.

Royal Aeronautical Society

Gave a lecture at the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton, to the FAA branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society. This talk was promoted on the MoD website.

Gave a lecture to the Society's Bristol branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society, following their AGM.

Cheltenham Festival of Science

Debated the UFO phenomenon with Professor Ian Morrison from the Jodrell Bank Observatory.

Newcastle Science Festival

Gave a lecture on the history of the British Government's UFO project.

Strange But True Live

Was an expert panellist in a 90-minute live special on ITV, debating the question "Do you believe aliens have already visited Earth?". The viewing audience was approximately 7 million and just over 100,000 telephone votes were cast, with 92% voting yes.

Science Fiction Conventions

Nick Pope has written 2 sci-fi novels and has spoken at various sci-fi conventions including MancheXter '97 and Novacon.

Cambridge Union Society

Gave a lecture to the Society, covering the history of the MoD's UFO project and detailing some of the classic cases investigated by the Department.