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Nick Pope regularly writes feature articles for national newspapers and newsstand magazines and is a frequent guest on TV and radio shows. Most of Nick's media work involves TV, where he is equally comfortable presenting, acting as 'presenter's friend', contributing, acting as a consultant, or doing development work for production companies and broadcasters.

Nick Pope was media trained by the Ministry of Defence, has appeared on TV as an official MoD spokesperson and has drafted news briefs and press releases for the Department.

Areas of expertise include the following:

UFOs and the Unexplained

Nick Pope has appeared on several hundred TV and radio shows. These include news programmes such as CNN News, Good Morning America, Newsnight, Channel 4 News and the Today programme, documentaries such as Timewatch and chat shows such as Larry King Live, This Morning, and Richard and Judy. Specific subjects covered have included:

Alien abductions
Crop circles
Remote viewing
The Bermuda Triangle

Fringe Science

Nick Pope was one of the main contributors to the History Channel series That's Impossible, discussing a wide range of fringe science subjects such as robotics, nanotechnology, mind control, invisibility and weather warfare. He also helped the researchers by providing information on some of these subjects.

Conspiracy Theories

While investigating UFO sightings for the MoD, Nick Pope was often accused of being part of a government cover-up to hide the truth about UFOs. He became interested in conspiracy theories more generally and the related issue of the psychology of belief. Nick Pope has looked into various conspiracy theories including those surrounding 9/11, the death of Princess Diana, the moon landings and the assassination of JFK. He found that when examined in detail, these conspiracy theories are based on factual inaccuracies or misinterpretations, together with fundamental misunderstandings about the way in which governments operate. See the Conspiracy Theories section of this website for further details.


Nick Pope left the MoD in 2006 after a successful and interesting career that lasted 21 years. Although best known for his work on the MoD's UFO project, he undertook a wide range of different jobs in the course of his career, the last of which was in a security-related area. Nick was formerly the military affairs consultant for Eye Spy Magazine and commentates on a range of defence, security and intelligence-related areas, though the Official Secrets Act places obvious limits on what he is able to discuss. Nick Pope contributed to the History Channel series That's Impossible in his capacity as a defence analyst, commenting on the military applications of areas such as robotics, nanotechnology and weather-modification. He is a regular contributor to Press TV on politico-military affairs.

Science Fiction

Nick Pope is a successful science fiction author and a regular media commentator on sci-fi. See the Science Fiction section of this website for further details.


Nick Pope is a regular media commentator on a range of space-related issues. See the Space section of this website for further details.

Nick Pope's listing on Journalisted.