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Books by Nick Pope

         Open Skies, Closed Minds


       The Uninvited

This is an overview of the UFO phenomenon with the emphasis on my three year tour of duty as the Ministry of Defence’s UFO desk officer. The book examines some of the world’s most famous UFO cases such as the Roswell crash and the Rendlesham Forest incident, as well as dipping into the Ministry of Defence’s casefiles to look at some less well-known but no less spectacular incidents. I also give an insight into some of the politics surrounding the way in which the UFO phenomenon is viewed by those within government and the military.

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This book focuses on the alien abduction phenomenon, which is an area of research in which I’ve specialised in recent years.  I’ve investigated around one hundred cases now, and as well as giving a complete history and overview of the phenomenon, The Uninvited highlights six of these cases.  The book examines links between alien abduction accounts and folklore, as well as examining numerous different theories about the true nature of the phenomenon.

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         Operation Thunder Child


      Operation Lightning Strike


This is a science fiction novel about UFOs and alien abductions, which show how the government and military cope with an increasingly intrusive and hostile alien presence.  It draws on my government work on UFOs and is a ‘what if’ novel that reflects some of my concerns about the defence and national security issues raised by the UFO phenomenon.  The book is a techno-thriller that draws on real crisis-management procedures.  In this way I give what I hope is as realistic a view possible of what might really happen if we found ourselves facing an overt extraterrestrial threat.  The book needed to be cleared by the Ministry of Defence prior to publication.

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This is the sequel to Operation Thunder Child although the novel can be read in isolation.  The limited battles in the previous book give way to all-out war, with the fate of Earth hanging in the balance.  The theme of alien invasion has been a favourite of many sci-fi authors, so I wanted to have a go at producing my take on the concept.  As with Operation Thunder Child, the book needed official clearance.  So far as I am aware, this is unique in the history of science fiction.

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